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Purposes of the Department of History

With the undergraduate program of the Department of History, in addition to modern scientific methods, undergraduate education is offered within the framework of an interdisciplinary approach to the officers who will work in the units, headquarters, archives and research institutes of the Turkish Armed Forces and who could be found in the future battlefields with many unknowns.

In the Department of History of the National Defense University Military Academy, it is aimed to educate officers who can analyse and use the methodology, literature and field knowledge required in an objective manner by examining the events, phenomena and processes in the history of Turkey and the world, and who can use these analyses in their own professional lives.

It is aimed that the graduates of the History Department of the Military Academy of the National Defense University, taking advantage of the historical knowledge and experience of the past, can shed light to the problems Turkish Armed Forces can face at present and having qualities of a researcher to speculate on future strategic and military developments. Our graduates are expected to have a master's and doctorate degree in military history / war history.

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