General Information

The Institute of Defence Sciences, which started its operations in 2001 at the Military Academy, was established primarily to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in the field of defence sciences and to provide postgraduate training at a professional and higher academic level.

Alparslan Defence Sciences Institue started the facilities with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated November 14, 2016 and numbered 2016/9522the Law No. 6756 dated 09 November 2016 ''The Law About Taking Measures Within the Scope of State of Emergency and the Enactment of the Delegated Legislation of Certain Laws and the Establishment of National Defence University'' in the Military Defence University within the scope of the restructuring of the Turkish professional military education system.

Students will have the opportunity both instantly following of the developments in the world and the examining and evaluation of the pecularities of the the Turkish Armed Forces in comparison with the other environments.

In addition, in the Institue, the certificates and course programs are organized for the needs of Ministry of National Defense, research activities are carried out related to defence sciences and technology management and the support is given to the projects carried out by other institutions; national and international scientific journal and the scientific meetings are organized.

Sayfa Başına Dön